Getting Started

In this day and age it’s vital for most businesses to have a website. Marketing is vital to a company, and a good marketing website will create new customers and generate sales. We were pitching at the Collision conference this year and we wanted to put our best foot forward, so we decided to rebuild our marketing site prior to attending.

Our site looked ok before but it could look a lot better and the previous iteration required one of our developers to make changes to the content on the site. We wanted to give visitors a better understanding of Thena and have the site better reflect our brand, whilst being easy to update and maintain.

Before & After shots of our site
We needed to get it done and, most importantly, on a shoe string budget. We managed to build the site super quickly, without web design skills and at no financial cost.

That’s right, this website cost us $0.00 to make and (at the time of writing) only $3.50 to host. In fact, as well as price, there are tons of benefits to this approach.

  • No coding required
    A tech savvy entrepreneur or someone from the marketing department can easily create and manage the site. You don’t need to code to quickly make a professional looking website.
  • $0.00 upfront cost
    This method agrees with the budget of any cash strapped new business.
  • Low ongoing costs
    The base plan for Lightsail is $3.50 a month, this cost would grow depending on the number of visitors your site is dealing with but if you are doing things right your new visitors will more than cover that ongoing cost.
  • Little time to create
    We all have limited hours in the day and lots to do. Getting things done quickly helps.
  • Easy to maintain
    Web developers, hosting and designing can be expensive. Even when you have a web team you don’t want them wasting their time on solved problems that are not your main focus.
  • Ready to scale for new traffic
    You want your website to be ready for when you get popular. This setup allows our site to scale easily in line with our traffic. The great thing is so does our costs!
  • We don’t need a developer to add new content
    You want to be able to try new things and be able to publish content quickly on your site. This approach allows you to be able to manage your website and what it displays easily. You can easily iterate on your designs and discover what is most effective for your goals.

Software and tools you will learn to use

If you follow along with this series of articles will learn how to use the following tools to help you create and maintain your new marketing site.

  • AWS Lightsails
  • WordPress
  • Elementor
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Stock
  • Photoshop
  • Canva

The steps it will take

This article series covers each step we took to create the site you are currently using. You will set up your site in 10 easy steps. We’ll create a new site along with you so you can see each of the steps. However, as well as following the steps you’ll also want to try and make it your own. You want your site to represent your company. The steps you will take are:

  1. Create your server on Amazon
  2. Configure your WordPress site (coming soon)
  3. Choose a Theme (coming soon)
  4. Use Elementor to create the main pages (coming soon)
  5. How to configure SEO (coming soon)
  6. How to setup Google Analytics (coming soon)
  7. Improving content with Adobe Stock Images (coming soon)
  8. Improving content with Photoshop images (coming soon)
  9. Moving existing blog posts (coming soon)
  10. Pointing your url at your IP address (coming soon)

When it comes to any subject there will be a ton of terms, acronyms and jargon that is associated with it. We want this guide to work for people of all technological skill levels so we are going to work on the assumption that your knowledge of these terms are limited. When they come up, we will take a little bit of time to explain any of these potentially new terms we touch upon and the tools we are using.

We hope you are excited to get started, just click the button below when you want to get started with the first step.