What can Thena do for your business?

Save time

Avoid non-productive meetings and spend less time writing, managing and sharing notes afterwards.

Thena makes capturing notes, actions and decisions effortless so you and your team can focus on getting things done.

Maintain accountability

Thena stores each user’s actions in their own personal to-do list, keeping track of the deadline and highlighting tasks that are overdue. 

Thena will even schedule reviews of actions that are overdue and ensure they are raised at the next relevant meeting.

Track your progress

Review your objectives and critical KPIs at the click of a button. Just tell Thena where in your meeting agenda this should take place and the data will be gathered .

Thena will present the targets relevant to the team that’s meeting and provide a live data feed showing your progress towards them. 
(Automated data gathering requires integration with a supported business system)