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The Thena Banking assistant will automate your finances and give you real time reports about what is happening with your money.

Thena will handle your budgets, manage your expenses and invoices and even pay your VAT and taxes. With our open banking integration she will handle everything for you.


Take control of your finances

Tired of trying to figure out what you need to allocate for taxes, VAT or pay your suppliers? With Thena, you can track all of this automatically and even create finance goals for your business. We use open banking to link directly with your bank account.

Budget Screen

Expense Management

No more data entry

Have you got better things to do than type up your receipts? Thena doesn’t! We’ll remind you every time you make a purchase to take a photo of your receipt. Thena then automatically categorizes your purchase and captures the data from your receipt

Purchase Notification

Invoice Management

Invoicing made easy

Creating and chasing invoices is super simple with Thena’s AI. She can create them for you with one easy command.

Customer forgot to pay? Don’t worry Thena will chase them politely on your behalf. When you receive the payment Thena automatically matches it to the invoice and sends your customers the confirmation.
Invoice Screen

Automated Taxes

Stress free tax payments

Never worry about your corporate tax or VAT bill again. Thena will track what you owe, report to the government and make payments for you allowing you to focus on running your business.
Corporate Tax Approval