Why Thena exists

Thena exists so you can fulfill your dreams in business.

Our Values

Definition: Using reason and logic to solve problems.

How we live this: Create a plan and bring intention to our actions.

Definition: Continuously improving and getting better at the things that matter to us.

How we live this: Take actions outside of our comfort zone to further the cause.

Definition: Treating ourselves and others as they want to be treated.

How we live this: Practice what we preach.

Definition: Creating ways for others to fulfill their dreams and live an extraordinary life 

How we live this: Stop and consider the bigger picture. Think about the world while we’re building in our bubble.

Definition: No area of our lives detrimentally impacts another.

How we live this: Consider the impact.

How we operate


EOS = Entrepreneurial Operating System.
EOS is a framework that allows organizations to be 100% aligned on the company's vision.

At the same time it provides a set of tools and meeting rhythms to make sure everyone in the company executes on that vision daily.

What is EOS


The Agile Methodology is an empirical process for designing and building products. It allows companies to constantly iterate their development processes so they can continuously improve how they deliver their products.

Agile is based on the principles defined in the
Agile Manifesto.

Customer Success

"Customer Success is when customers achieve their desired outcomes through their interactions with our company"
- Lincoln Murphy

Customer Success is an organizational mindset that recognizes the importance of the entire customer journey, and that sales should be a result of great service.

Our Founders

Kieran Peppiatt

Kieran has a vision of the future where humanity leverages A.I. so everyone can live the lives of their dreams. He has over 15 years focused on Customer Service and Operations and a passion for helping businesses succeed.

He currently consults for multiple startups and previously ran day to day operations at PayrollHero.com. As well as having a deep knowledge of SaaS companies he has overseen the development of one of the first HR focused A.I. systems.

Alex Francis

Alex brings over 15 years of sales and relationship building experience. He has worked with several of the world’s largest multi billion dollar businesses.

He has successfully led sales teams across multiple businesses and worked in many industries throughout the UK. Alex is eager to develop and build a team at Thena.