Effective meetings are crucial to your organisation because they allow team members to share their thoughts, contribute their ideas, promote effective communication, and help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, a lot of meetings are poorly run and ineffective, which waste time. The good news is that you can avoid having non-productive meetings. Here are some secrets to managing successful and productive meetings at all times:

1. Never hold unnecessary meetings

If you and your team members often leave meetings thinking, “That could have been an email,” then you may be wasting a lot of your precious time. Avoid this by assessing how often routine meetings have to be conducted in your office and determine how productive they are and if they can be held less frequently.

2. Stick to a schedule

Set a schedule beforehand, start, and end the meeting on time to increase your team’s productivity and efficiency. Being strict with scheduling can be challenging, but you can achieve it by encouraging discipline among the organiser and the participants.

Finishing your meeting on time is also important. Show that you value everyone’s time by sticking to your schedule and avoid prolonging the meeting. To save time, set a realistic agenda according to your meeting objectives and make sure to send it to all participants.

Meanwhile, the time you choose your meeting can also affect your productivity. For instance, if you schedule regular meetings after the end of the official workday, your team members will be too exhausted and frustrated to stay focused during the meeting. Doing this can also affect employee morale negatively. Therefore, schedule your routine meetings only during the most reasonably convenient time for all employees.

3. Make sure the organisers and employees are prepared

Effective meeting management involves creating your meeting agenda ahead of time and distributing it at least a day or several days before the meeting to help everyone in your team prepare. If you have any relevant background materials, ensure that everyone has access to it.

4. Avoid dedicating too much time on non-work related topics 

One of the worst time-wasters in meetings is an organiser or participant engaging in non-work related banter. If you notice someone is taking their time to stimulate a lengthy discussion that is not on the agenda or cannot help you meet your business goals, take the initiative to gently guide the meeting back to the more pressing matters at hand.

If you intend to uplift your co-workers’ morale before beginning real work, you can dedicate a few minutes at the beginning of your meeting to it. However, be conscious of time! 

5. Use a meeting tool

Taking minutes of the meeting is a tedious task if you don’t use any tool or software. You can have an easier time accomplishing it when you use the right meeting notes software for your organisation.


Business meetings are crucial for maintaining good communication in your office, but only when they are handled effectively. As a meeting organiser, you have to find the right balance between excellent communication and productive use of your time and remember the secrets listed above. This way, you can meet your goals as a company and achieve easy success!.

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