Remote working has finally taken over almost every major industry in the world right now. A majority of businesses around the world were able to retain their operations by leveraging meeting applications and conference management software. Today, more companies are now restructuring how they work to make way for more remote-based working opportunities.

Without ongoing communication between employees and management, they literally cannot function properly and coordinate effectively. With the restrictions to physical engagement, virtual meetings basically became the only source of social interaction between employees during this pandemic. Without it, developing cohesive relationships and achieving goals are nearly impossible to do—which is why team building has become essential now, more than ever.

Why is team building important?

Any team that doesn’t have the opportunity to socialise and develop their skills in working together won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of remote work. Social team building activities provide some respite from their work while also presenting a couple of benefits, such as:

Building Trust in Teammates

Teams are built on shared missions or goals that the company has set them to achieve. While each employee works based on their individual roles, their shared goals keep them on track by working together.

If one person fails to make a noticeable contribution to the group, everyone is bound to fail. This usually happens when remote workers don’t have the chance to communicate with their teammates! As such, virtual meetings provide a way to build trust and keep everyone in check.

Improving Overall Communication

Communicating across a distance does have its pitfalls. Flexible work schedules and time zone differences make it harder for everyone to get together at the same time. The problem of availability can become a challenge if employees don’t have a proper channel of communication.

Misinterpretation, on the other hand, becomes a problem if team communication is reduced to nothing more than an email. Seeing a face behind every email or report is important to understand what that person’s intentions are!

Facial cues and gestures make up almost half of communicating effectively. Verbal and/or written communication is the other half. Without one or the other, people are prone to be misinterpreted.

Creating a Culture of Transparency

A group of individuals working on the same goal need transparency and accountability built within the processes that they work with. This builds reliability and trust between team members.

Having a virtual meeting room or perhaps a centralised workspace can keep everyone on the same page. It provides visibility to status updates and gives a general overview of what everyone is up to during the day.

Developing Work Relationships

Developing relationships over a distance is never easy. Not seeing or interacting with their co-workers will eventually lead to people building walls around them. This could be a problem that affects employees’ passion, motivation, and engagement at work. Without work relationships, it won’t just be difficult to develop a team culture—it will also result in individuals isolating themselves!

Running remote meetings regularly will allow some face time and much-needed interaction between team members.

The Bottom Line—Having the Right Collaboration Tools Matter

Building a team requires spending a lot of time working together, even if everyone is separated by distance. Your team will not only function better through online team building activities, but they’ll also learn to appreciate every member of the team in the process. This can only be achieved by using the right collaboration and meeting software for your online team building.

Building an efficient business environment for both in-house and remote workers is now more possible through the perfect collaboration tool. Thena is an app designed to let you run effective meetings while working alongside other cloud-based tools. Through this app, you can keep your business on track while maintaining total accountability. Contact us today to learn more about Thena!


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