Various companies handle meetings quite differently, but every business person knows the importance of these team meetings. These meetings provide a space for team members to check-in on each other’s workload and progress, receive updates, communicate and plan new strategies, brainstorm new concepts, and make company decisions. 

However, some meetings can go for long hours and use up an unnecessary huge amount of time. This is why you must focus on meeting productively to lessen time wastage. 

If you want to eliminate non-productive meetings in your company, keep reading. Below are some tips you can follow to help make your company meetings more effective and productive. So, grab a pen and paper, and let’s dive in!

1. Always have a clear agenda and define goals

To get effective and productive meetings, you need to manage it even before starting the session; you can do this by creating a clear plan and defining the meeting’s purpose. 

Having a proper meeting outline and goals will ensure that you and your team members will stay on track during the whole meeting, as well as produce the right results. 

A helpful way to know if you had a productive meeting is to end it with the questions “Did we address all issues, and did we do what we were supposed to do?”

2. Assign roles and responsibilities

An excellent method to ensure that the agenda achieves its purpose is to assign responsibilities to members of your team who are attending the meeting. This means you’ll delegate tasks to members of your team who will focus on creating meeting materials, making decisions, taking minutes, and assigning roles to achieve outcomes. 

During your meeting, you should have a facilitator who will assist in the preparation and control the whole process of the meeting. A fantastic way to stay on track and to help your facilitator is to use a meeting tracker that can help follow your meeting’s agenda, progress and schedule, like Thena. 

3. Avoid planning back-to-back meetings

One of the reasons many people lose valuable time is because most companies and partners tend to schedule back-to-back meetings, thinking it’s an effective way to save some time. However, this can ultimately do more damage than good. 

Some clients or meeting participants will be coming from different locations and meetings and could take some time before they could get to you, causing delays. 

If you have no choice but to conduct back-to-back meetings, at least ensure that you finish a quarter to an hour early to give your other meeting attendees time to get to you on time. This will help eliminate any delays and will also help the attendees get ready for the next meeting. 


Meetings are meant to be quick, straightforward, and not time-consuming at all. By following our tips and setting an agenda and goals, keeping meeting attendees on track with a facilitator and meeting tracker, and by properly spacing out your meetings within the day, you can now say goodbye to non-productive meetings and hello to better results and happier team members!

If you want to say goodbye to non-productive meetings for good, check out Thena. We are a meeting management software that helps you run your meetings, keep your business on track, and provide accountability with our structured process. Request a demo today!

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