Meetings hold a crucial role in the business world. It’s an ingredient of success, and companies of all shapes and sizes understand that such an effort allows employees to remain productive and actionable, but planning one can quickly become a nightmare for many. In more ways than one, companies end up turning important meetings into mere status updates, a list of which could have translated better in memos and emails. As a result, employees dread meeting times, and this problem has further been emphasized in the remote world. 

As your company continues to ease into the processes of remote work, it’s important to rethink your meeting practices. You need to ensure that all your employees are motivated to attend, and actually become productive after sessions. 

To help you come up with meetings that resonate, here are some expert tips to consider: 

Tip #1: Embrace smarter virtual event methods 

Planned events are non-negotiable parts of all companies, especially since this is where employees continue to grow and develop their skills. While it can be tempting to simply replicate in-person meetings into virtual environments, this isn’t always the best approach. You risk losing the interest of your employees, especially since not all activities translate well into the online world. 

Bear in mind that people are likely working in less than ideal environments, especially given that they’re stuck at home with their families. They will be subjected to distractions, making three-hour meetings impossible to do. Instead of hosting long and boring meetings, allow your people both time and permission to breathe. Take their time into consideration. Your workshops could turn into modules instead, for instance, leaving them with enough time to breathe in between work, life, and career development. 

Tip #2: Remember to check in with your teams 

For most companies, meetings are regarded as primary channels of communication for updates. In such unprecedented times, however, bear in mind that while everyone is trying hard to keep processes flowing, it’s not business as usual. Rethink your meetings in a way that shows enough concern for your employees, especially when it comes to their well-being. 

Dedicate enough time to ensure that people get to interact with each other, making sure to have time to say hello and if possible, a mini session of reflections. Consider asking the following questions below:

  • What are you grateful for today?
  • How are you feeling at the moment?
  • Have you connected with a loved one yet?
  • What are your plans when all of this is over?

Tip #3: Leave room for technical glitches 

The ideal remote setup may perhaps consist of a fast internet connection, unparalleled platforms, and other productivity tools that enable you and your team to present without a hitch. However, it isn’t a perfect world. With that said, make sure to leave enough time for hiccups, especially since remote work isn’t easy. 

Problems such as failing to share the screen, losing audio, and suddenly freezing during presentations are normal, so ease up your schedules and handle mistakes with grace. There is no need to panic, blame, and point fingers—the important thing is that people are learning. 

Successfully Running Remote Meetings From Anywhere

Running effective meetings has always been a challenge for countless companies, even in the best of times. In such trying times, however, adapting and changing your team meetings should be a priority, especially since your current practices will not translate well into the remote world. Take the extra time to consider changes, and make sure to keep these tips in mind. 

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