Company success is composed of a variety of factors, all of which come with complex layers that can be difficult to decipher. One of these many complexities involve meetings, which are activities that are seen on either side of the spectrum. On one hand, they are deemed as important and insightful, but on the other, they are regarded as boring and unproductive tasks. 

Many employees feel that meetings only waste precious time in the office, but these sentiments only hold because of one crucial fact—they aren’t conducted properly. Companies fail, for instance, to filter out information that can be sent via email, and those that need thorough discussions. More importantly, companies overlook the importance of time. 

When conducted effectively, however, meetings can become a valuable way to come up with plans, increase communication, and of course, boost productivity and morale. One of the best ways to ensure a successful meeting is starting on time—and for good reason. 

To help eliminate needless and boring meetings, here are reasons you need to invest in time management and punctuality: 

It reflects productivity and boosts employee morale

Once you’ve scheduled your meeting, you need to end and begin your gathering accordingly. This allows your people to become more productive, especially since they understand you’re only working for a limited amount of time. They’ll likely be working harder to accomplish more in a set amount of time, especially if it’s in the middle of the day.

That said, make sure to keep your time meetings below an hour to increase efficiency and effectiveness. In doing so, you not only ensure complete attention but better and more solid ideas. You can also make use of collaboration tools, such as applications like a meeting tracker. In doing so, you’ll be able to effectively decrease unproductive meetings, and instead, leave more room for growth.

It shows that you value your employee’s time

Apart from productivity and morale, you’ll also be able to show your employees a non-negotiable trait—respect. By making sure that you begin on time, you show that you value their time. This also holds true when you end right on the clock, as it shows that you care and value their day enough, especially since you won’t spend time dragging on about pointless discussions. 

Late and long meetings also foster daydreaming and lateness, eventually leading to them bailing on meetings. By ensuring that you respect their time, you also get respect in return, leading to a more collaborative work environment.

It leaves a lasting impression

Punctuality not only pertains to time—it also pertains to preparedness. If you begin preparation early, you’ll be able to begin early. Setting up your PowerPoint presentation before the set schedule, for instance, means that you can present as soon as the final staff sits down. 

Not only will you be saving precious time, but you’ll also be leaving a lasting impression—one that boosts your credibility. Eliminate negative feelings, and you’ll have a room full of attentive individuals. 

Investing In The Best Meeting Software

Questions on how to run team meetings effectively still hold a variety of answers, but the root answer will also pertain to time. Boring though meetings are believed to be, they actually provide an effective way to bring your employees closer together, improve communication, and of course, boost productivity. Remember: The key to a well-planned one means starting and ending on time!

To eliminate non-productive meetings for good, Thena can help! Allows us to help you run your meetings in the best way possible, as this helps keep your business running and on track. With structured processes and total accountability measures, we’ll be eliminating pointless discussions for food. Request a demo today!


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