Online meetings have now become a part of everyone’s workflow in the new normal. It almost seems like a distant thing of the past—to be able to just approach a colleague for discussion or clarification. If businesses want to succeed in a post-COVID society, it will be imperative that they learn how to connect with their employees and team members by using a mix of the latest technologies.

The online setup can be difficult for many businesses, particularly when they are trying to maintain their employee’s morale. Luckily, there are ways to improve the quality of your online meetings—and some of these tips can be implemented quickly! 

We will present various ways to improve your work meetings, making for a more comfortable and productive work experience over the internet. 

Make sure that the conference settings are ready

While preparing for the meeting, try looking at other software meeting tools that can enhance the quality of your discussions. Additional shared spaces, such as WebEx and Blackboard Collaborate, are also effective.

Give your team members space

If they need to leave the meeting, then let them go! It’s okay to give team members the freedom to leave the meeting, especially when they’ve already played their part. Moving too fast without considering how your peers feel will defeat the purpose of having a meeting in the first place. 

Have a plan

One of the many problems that come with having conferences is being unprepared for any issues that may arise throughout the meeting. Having a plan that you could follow and share with your workmates should help with the data sharing and control of the flow. It also helps you avoid getting sidetracked and accidentally break the flow of the meeting. 

Another thing to note is that considering that your workmates know about the meeting flow, they should digest the meeting much more easily!

Share the responsibilities 

Any successful workplace relies on teamwork, and that the workload should also be shared equally—or at least in relevance to positions. The leader should always take the initiative and have their partners follow through with their assigned work. 

Besides doing their respective jobs, all the members should also be aware of the shared information and the long-term goals being planned.

Avoid micromanaging their environment

There is no need to limit where your employees or team members will set up for the meeting. Granted, there may be some meetings related to an important project that will require your teammates to turn on their camera and microphone, but otherwise, you can just default to having a conversation while everyone goes about their daily activities.


These tips are set to make you feel more confident with your work, avoiding dead air in meetings while helping you reach out better to your team members and employees. Remember that not all meetings need to be work-related; in the future, you could consider setting aside some time to bond with your team members as well. Keeping things friendly, comprehensive, and respectful will be key to maintaining productive online meetings.

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