Leadership meetings take place when your management team gathers all leaders of the company to share important information with one another, solve problems, discuss vital issues, and make key decisions. They are valuable to your organization because they inspire the decision-makers of your company to align their goals and be motivated to work together to achieve collective success. 

Getting your management team to meet together can be next to impossible due to differing priorities and hectic schedules. While this type of meeting is often overlooked, you must make it your priority to gather all your leaders together regularly. Here are the best ways to hold more effective leadership meetings:

1. Send the meeting agenda in advance 

The key to running an effective meeting is to send the leadership meeting agenda in advance. Make sure to attach all related documents and discussion points so all participants can prepare. By helping them get ready for the meeting, you can help everyone save time and gain more meaningful and relevant information during your brainstorming sessions and discussions.

Send your proposed meeting agenda at least a day in advance. This will give your meeting participants ample time to prepare and talk in case there is something important they would like to discuss regarding the talking points.

2. Share essential updates with the team

Every department has a crucial part and impact on your organization. Leaders from all departments must attend the meeting and share important updates from their teams. This helps them work more harmoniously with one another, realize the difference they make in your company, and let everyone know what’s happening within your organization as a whole. Encourage them to share one positive update to set the meeting with a positive tone.

3. Record decisions and assign tasks

Hold each other accountable by checking in with every participant of the leadership meeting. To capture decisions and assign action items effortlessly while allowing you and your team to refer back to them for updates and progress, take advantage of a meeting management app like Thena. 

Instead of spending time writing, managing, and sharing notes, you can use your time more efficiently as our app captures notes, actions, and decisions for you. This makes it easier for you and your team to focus on completing more important tasks!

4. Track your progress

Setting goals and key metrics are important to monitor your progress. With a quality meeting application like ours, you can devote more time in your leadership meetings to knowing your performance at the click of a button. 

All you need to do is to instruct the app where in your meeting agenda this should take place to gather the automated data. You will be presented with the targets relevant to the team and provide a live data feed indicating your progress. This will help you take a look if you’re off the mark and you need to mitigate issues. 


Non-productive meetings can waste your time and resources that should have been used to accomplish essential tasks. To run leadership meetings effectively at all times, it’s best to use a meeting tool to help you and your team save time, maintain everyone’s accountability, and track progress.

Keep your business on track by using our meeting software. Our app is available worldwide. Start your free trial today!


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