For many small and medium-sized companies, regular meetings can seem unnecessary. However, this is not the case; having meetings is essential in keeping the momentum moving for complex projects. 

Meetings can help re-establish your goals efficiently, and it does not have to be as stuffy or formal as those in a corporate setting. Here are a few reasons why assemblies matter to your company’s growth and tips on how to run team meetings effectively.

Meetings improve communication

Although e-mails, one-on-one calls, and private conferences are useful, there is nothing quite like getting people together to talk through the finer points of your operations. 

Having company-wide assemblies, especially if you’re a small business, can start collaborations among different teams. Departmental meetings are equally important; they help team members get on the same page regarding deliverables.

They are a place to discuss concerns

If you only rely on individual reports and updates, you run the risk of overlooking issues. These documents often present information neutrally or positively, leaving out critical points for discussion. With in-person status reports, people have the chance to ask follow-up clarifications.

These sessions facilitate hand-offs better between groups and allow people to resolve issues on the spot or schedule an update on developments. Most importantly, when you run effective meetings, you can clear the air and prevent people from suffering a loss of morale.

They foster employee accountability

Meetings provide both employees and managers with a place to discuss and address recurring issues. Even when running remote meetings, face-to-face conferences help create a sense of ownership about tasks and scaffolds further growth.

Create shared responsibility about keeping people in the loop by assigning a different person to take the minutes every time you have a meeting. Make it this person’s task to share their notes to everyone, even those who didn’t make it to the assembly. This way, people start on the same page and can follow updates for the next meeting.

Meetings help emphasize culture

Leaders steer the company’s direction in terms of both strategy and culture, and one way to do this is through regular meetings. If you show that regular in-person conferences matter to you, employees will be equally mindful of how often they check in with their colleagues.

They do not need to take up too much time

One reason small companies shy away from structured conferences is that the common notion is that they take hours on end. Depending on your organization, meetings can be as short as ten minutes or as long as one hour. 

Typically, you can cover everything that a company needs to discuss within 30 minutes. Make your meetings efficient by sticking to a format and using concise language. Anything that your team cannot resolve within the time frame can be discussed outside the regular session.


Whether you’re a startup or a large multinational, holding meetings should be an integral part of your company. These gatherings help you create more synergy among your employees, allowing you to create greater collaboration and smooth over misalignments.

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