To start your first meeting:

  1. Open the Thena menu from the top-left corner of your screen.

2. Select Start/Schedule a meeting from the Meetings section.

3. Select the Agenda you wish to use by clicking on the Start button at the bottom of that agenda.

4. Thena will ask which team you wish to conduct the meeting with; select one of your teams.

5. Thena will take you into your meeting and will present you with a welcome message. At this stage you can copy the URL directly from your browser into the meeting invitation; creating a link to your Thena meeting.
You can do this when you schedule your meeting or immediately before you begin. That’s up to you.

n.b. When your attendees join the meeting they will be presented with a similar screen telling them that they are waiting for the host (you) to begin.

6. You will also notice the addition of the Host Bar. It looks like this:

7. Use the plus button from the right hand side of your Host Bar to add; Discussion items, Announcements, Actions or Metrics.
For more information on how and when to use these please refer to our post on “Agenda item types”

n.b. Your attendees will also have their own Plus button and can add; Discussion items, Announcements, Actions or Metrics.
Thena will keep track of who adds which items.

8. Once you’ve added everything you need and your colleagues are with you, hit Start to begin the meeting. Thena will guide you through each stage of your chosen agenda.

Enjoy your meeting!


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