When creating your own agendas Thena will ask you to select the Type of agenda item for each stage of the meeting from a drop-down menu. Here’s a short guide on the options and how to use them:

Normal – The most basic agenda round. There are no mechanics or opportunities to add content to this phase. We use it for our Icebreaker at the start of each meeting.

Announcements – Use this to give your team a chance to inform the group. Announcements should not need any discussion and can be raised by any User using the Plus button.

Discussion Round – This should be part of every meeting agenda it’s where any debate will take place and agreements will be reached. Discussion items created by you or your team will appear here and can be Resolved during the meeting by logging Decisions or Actions.

Ask a Question – Include this round in meetings where you would like to take a vote or request feedback from your team. Thena will allow you to pose a question and record the feedback from your meeting attendees.

Action Item Review – This round will automatically present all open actions and those awaiting review for the team that is meeting.
Each user has their own list of Action Items, stored within the Meeting items section of the menu.

Metric review – Include this round in any meeting where you want to review specific Metric or KPIs for your business.
The metrics or KPIs you wish to measure can be added using the Metrics section of the menu.

Please contact us if you do need further support on how to use these agenda item types to maximise your own meeting efficiency.


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